Orca Marine Services

Orca Marine Services was established in 2014 from a partnership between a local launch service and Manica.  The partnership is aimed at providing both entities with a wider scope of maritime related services and augmenting each entity’s service portfolio. The name for this joint venture, Orca, was carefully selected to reflect the group’s commitment to sustainable and environmental-friendly practices, consistent quality in customer service delivery and leadership in all things marine related.

Orca Marine Services provides a dedicated marine service within the port of Walvis Bay. As part of Manica, Orca Marine Services enjoys access to ships agency services, complete logistics support, bunkering, chandelling and marine lubricant supplies.  


  • CREW TRANSFERS - Full ship to shore crew changes with high safety standards.
  • FRESH SUPPLIES (FOOD, WATER, VEGETABLES, FRUIT etc) - All provisions are handled with the utmost care as to guarantee customer satisfaction. Provision are insured to a limit when in transit.
  • SHIP SPARES, OIL AND LUBRICANTS - All provisions are handled with the utmost care as to guarantee customer satisfaction Insurance is provided when in transit, if we do not have enough coverage for valuable items, at your request, we will make sure it gets the correct cover required.
  • EMERGENCY MEDICAL ASSISTANCE - Trained outsourced professionals accompany our crew on board our vessels to ensure the fastest and efficient emergency assistance.
  • CRANE & EQUIPMENT HIRE - All equipment hire to support launch operations can be hired at short notice. If you require any marine related service not mentioned above, please give us a call and we will do our best to assist.