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Other Logistics Services

In our drive to ensure seamless and hassle-free service delivery we also provide auxillary services that compliment logistics requirements.

We provide HR services, vetting, payroll and recruitment services to external companies, projects, oil and gas campaigns.

contact: lucille.vdwest_[at]_manica.com.na  |  tel: +264 64 201 2038
Launch services
Crew Transfers
This includes, meet-and-greet, accommodation, transfer from airport to vessel (airport shuttle, launch to vessel).

contact: dean.biller_[at]_orcamarine.com.na  |  tel: +264 81 429 2823
Office lease services
Office Space
Lease of dedicated office space during oil and gas or temporary campaigns including telephony, IT needs. Also other office space for longer periods.

contact: martine.viljoen_[at]_manica.com.na  |  tel: +264 64 201 2355
Visa and workpermits
Work permits & Visas
This includes work permit and work visa applications especially for crew transfres or temporary contractual work stints.

contact: corine.doise_[at]_ols.com.na  |  tel: +264 64 201 2030
Training services
Providing training facilities (+ computer lab) as well as arranging logistics, corporate, IT, and soft skills training.

contact: bertha.paulus_[at]_manica.com.na  |  tel: +264 64 201 2359
Other ad hoc services

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