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John Thomson Rennie founded Rennies in 1849 as a shipping and passenger ferrying company. Over the course of 150 years the company branched out into various specialised services including ships agency, travel, logistics and road haulage services. In Namibia Rennies Consolidated, specialises in warehousing, container storage, materials handling, freight inventory control, container repair, destuffing and containerisation of cargo. Rennies also offers multi-user facilities and services encompassing an all-inclusive portfolio of warehousing, storage, transport, cargo handling, logistics, freight and supply chain management services. Client information and projects are treated with the highest confidentiality.

...more than 150,000m2 of storage space....
Rennies' four secure storage facilities consists of open-air, under-roof, bonded and general warehouses with total space of 105,000sqm. The company has an extensive portfolio of warehousing various types of cargo including containerised commodities, heavy mining equipment and tools, ore minerals (copper, zinc, iron, manganese, uranium etc.), vehicles, IT goods, dry and perishable food stuff (sugar, grain, fish), building material, raw and manufactured products (cement, granite), sensitive and hazardous material (uranium, amonium-nitrate).

With access to railway sidings at its facilities, a dedicated transport wing, state-of-the-art cargo handling equipment and skilled staff Rennies is the ultimate choice in storage and warehousing solutions.

our services

  • Multi-user, secure storage solutions.
  • 150,000m2 Bonded and general storage and warehousing space.
  • Containerisation, destuffing, groupage.
  • Container and Reefer repair and washing services.
  • Consignment inventory control.
  • Fitting and removal of Flexi-tanks.
  • Weighbridge, mobile ramp and railway sidings.

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