Staff actively Recycling

Posted: 15 Sep 2021Category: Sustainability

Manica Group Namibia implemented a group wide recycling program in the last three months, with all sites now officially actively recycling waste. We are excited to launch this new program aimed at diverting waste and sensitising staff to the importance of protecting the environment. In the this way the company wants to play a bigger part in reducing its environmental impact on the local community, as well as complying with its Environmental Policy.

Every time we recycle, we save our environment a little more. The less paper we use, and adopting smart office energy-saving work methods...the fewer trees are cut down and less water and electricity is consumed. All manufactured items require natural resources and our growing population, and lack of recycling, is putting severe strain on our planet. As a first step, Manica's recycling program is simple and straightforward and only required a few small changes in the daily habits of its staff members. All individual desk dustbins were removed, and each department received recycling stations, where staff play a role in separating plastics, glass, paper and organic waste in to the bins marked General, Recyclable and Paper. These stations are then emptied at a specially built four-way recycling station, that is then collected by Rent-a-Drum for recycling and re-use.

Thank you to our SHEQ team and staff members for embracing the change and making a great success of the program! The future of our planet rests in our hands and Manica remains committed to environmental stewardship and leading by example.