Masked-Caped Heroes for Charity

Posted: 04 Jun 2021Category: Sustainability

A few Manicans got up before dawn and braved the wind and sand this morning to take part in the Round Table’s annual Winter Knights campaign. The intrepid Manica team, decked out as masked heroes, manned the busy Walvis Bay Private Highschool intersection, dodging cars and dealing with the odd rude motorist! The team had a lot of fun and it was amazing to see how a community comes together to help the less fortunate; with many motorists, cyclists and even pedestrians willing to make a donation.

All collected monies will be used by the Round Table to purchase blankets, food and warm clothing for those in need. Thus far Manica has collected about N$5,500, although final tallies are still to be announced. Manica also challenged some business close by and staff members to donate what they can. A special thank you to CMA-CGM who donated blankets, clothing and collected change.

Well done to our Double Masked - Caped Crusaders and thank you to each Manican that so generously donated towards the cause!