ONE teams up with EMed to keep festive season safe

Manica once again collaborated with E-Med for the Manica E-Med Rescue 24 container at Langstrand. This will be the 5th year that Manica assists with the setup of the container. A big thank you to Woker Freight Services (for the arrangements and logistics), Rennies Transport (for the free ride to Langstrand) and ONE (for arranging an awesome magenta container).

There will be paramedics on duty, at the container, from 10h00 each day, until 6 January 2020. E-Med will also have 4 fully equipped ambulances patrolling the coastal region for the remainder of the festive season.

E-Med has a fantastic free app (available on Google Play or the App Store) on which you can load all of your personal data (name, age, blood type, allergies, next of kin, etc.), and the app then places a ‘panic button’ on your home screen. When you need emergency services you just press the panic button and a signal is sent to the E-med call centre, with your exact location details as well, and help will be dispatched!

Otherwise, just call 924 if you are in need of emergency help!

Be safe this festive season!

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