Opportunity Driven

The first Bidvest Namibia Sales and Retail Academy ended on a high note last week as the participants presented the outcome of their learning and sales initiatives in their respective companies to Bidvest Namibia Management. Presented by Anton du Preez, the academy focused on various aspects of sales and marketing techniques to improve the sales skills, business acumen and competencies of sales staff in the group’s companies. After sending the presenter, Anton, out of the room, Bidvest Namibia CEO, Sebby Kankondi asked the participants whether the sales academy had been worth it. The response was overwhelmingly positive, paving the way for next year’s Sales and Retail Academy.

Over the past six months the participants had to attend classes, carry out business and sales growth simulations while implementing real-life sales growth initiatives in their respective companies, using their newly acquired skills and techniques. Some of the key focus areas included a more structured sales approach that hovered on hunting and farming customers and closing the deal (harvesting). Other key topics focused on the importance of sales staff knowing their financial and sales numbers and trends, the importance of knowing the market size and value proposition, adding value and innovation to their products and services, taking accountability for their sales drives outcomes and being opportunity driven.

Anton summed it up in one session saying that “many sales people are always busy. They do a lot of things, they are very busy, but they deliver no tangible results, because they are not focused on what they want to achieve. Your performance is determined by your behaviour, and your behaviour by your attitude. Change your attitude and behaviour and you change your performance!”

Staff members from Manica, T&C,  Waltons, Kolok, Novel Motor Company, Cecil Nurse successfully completed the academy, including Joseph Payne,  Gideon Kok, Marle van Zyl, Charl Fouche, Marlene Alberts, Amanda Louw, Antonio Loxton, Anrie Verwey, Ricardo Schneiders,  Thorsten Kubas, Clear Katjangua.

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