A lift for Daisy

Manica Group Namibia recently helped saved the day for a stranded African Penguin that needed a lift to Lüderitz. The penguin, named Daisy was found stranded near Swakopmund in a bad state. She was under-nourished and covered in oil. The Halfway-house for Penguins in Swakopmund cleaned her up to get rid of all the oil and fed her until she regained her strength for release. However, the penguin need to be taken back to the nearest Penguin colony in Lüderitz. With a planned visit to Lüderitz by one of Manica’s managers, Daisy was added to the passenger flight list.

Although she hated the box she was transported in, and tried to climb through the handle-hole a couple of times during the flight, she was more than overjoyed to be on solid ground in Lüderitz. She was released safely in Guano Bay at the point closest to Halifax Island. After getting her GPS bearings and realising this was Lüderitz she made a quick swan dive into the sea.

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