Bunkering for Semi-submersible

Recently Monjasa Namibia was contracted to supply bunkers to the semi-submersible heavy load vessel, M/v “Hawk”. Monjasa’s African Splinter provided some 1,800 metric tons of fuel to the M/v “Hawk” that was transporting the Rig ASKEPOTT. Nazeem Stuart, Monjasa Bunkering Trader said, “A lot of training and discussions were held with Namport on this operation, due to the scale of the bunkering operation. We also had the assistance of Woker Freight Services as the clearing agents and Ocean Liner Services to provided agency services to the vessel.”

“We had to sure that all planning and information was done well in advance before the Hawk arrived. A large tug of were contracted to keep the Hawk in position as only two anchors was dropped. Semi-submersible heavy-lift ships have a long and low well deck between a forward pilot house and an aft machinery space. Its ballast tanks can be flooded to lower the well deck below the water’s surface, allowing oil platforms, other vessels, or other floating cargo to be moved into position for loading. The ballasts are then pumped out, and the well deck rises to shoulder the load. To balance the cargo, the various tanks can be pumped unevenly. The Hawk is sails under the Norwegian flag and is more than 213m long, 54m wide and is able to carry up to a 64,000 tonnes load.

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