Lubrication Specialists supports Rhino Trust

Local Exxon Mobil oil distributor, Lubrication Specialists donated a full year’s supply of lubricants to the Save the Rhino Trust to use in their field vehicles. Garth Glen-Spyron and Jimmy Shanjengange visited the trust’s stall at the Erongo Expo in Walvis Bay to hand over the Mobil lubricants yesterday.

According to the CEO of the SRT, Simpson Uri-Khob the trust appreciates all the help that they can get in the fight against rhino poaching. Despite the horrific news reports of late, Uri-Khob said the number of rhino deaths at the hands of poachers have dropped significantly. “Two years ago we had 95 cases of rhinos being killed for their horns. Last year this figure dropped to about 60, and this year to date we’ve had 27 rhino poaching incidents. This dramatic decrease in poaching has been due to the support from the private sector in supplying vehicles, donations and other equipment to improve our monitoring efforts. Another important factor has been the amazing support from the local communities and farmers, especially in the Erongo region. They have played a major role in alerting us of possible poachers in the area and in some cases even scaring off these criminals,” he said.

“We have some 2,000 rhinos left in Namibia and 96% of the world’s black Rhino population. We need to protect them at all costs, otherwise we will only have pictures to show our children one day. More community and private sector involvement as well as the laws for stiffer penalties and prison sentences are steps in the right direction. This donation goes a long way in our conservation efforts. Thank you Lubrication Specialist and Exxon Mobil; this gesture is greatly appreciated!” Uri-Khob added

According to Glen-Spyron careful consideration was given to the type and grade of lubricants to use in heavy duty vehicles especially in rough terrain and harsh weather conditions. “We did careful research to ensure that we provide the Rhino Trust with the correct and best suited lubricants for their vehicles and the environment. We opted for the Mobil Super 3000 and Mobil MX 15W40 products which are well suited for extreme heat, engines with high mileage and to improve fuel economy. We are delighted to have contributed in this small way to help fight the poaching of rhinos. Lubrications Specialists and Exxon Mobil is committed to the environment, hence this donation and the drive to promote the use of cleaner synthetic lubricants over mineral based ones.”

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