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OLS, Orca and WFS staff members threw a lot of effort in ensuring that all the required services were rendered without a hitch to the semi-submersible heavy lift ship, the Blue Marlin. The teams provided ships’ agency, bunkers, provisions, crew changes and clearing and forwarding of spares. Owned by Dockwise Shipping of the Netherlands, the Blue Marlin has an impressive history of moving around some of the heaviest vessels, rigs and structures. Designed to transport very large semi-submersible drilling rigs above the transport ship’s deck, it can accommodate 60 people, an even has a workout room, sauna and swimming facilities.

At one time the U.S. Navy used the Blue Marlin to move the destroyer USS Cole back to the United States after the warship was damaged by Al-Qaeda suicide bombers while anchored in the port of Aden, Yemen. In 2003 upgrade work on Blue Marlin boosted its capacity and added two retractable propulsors to improve maneuverability. Following these improvements, Blue Marlin delivered the oil platform Thunder Horse PDQ, weighing 60,000 tons, to Corpus Christi, Texas, for completion.

In 2005 Blue Marlin moved the gas refinery Snøhvit from its construction site in Cádiz to Hammerfest, an 11-day trip. This transport was filmed for the TV show Extreme Engineering on the Discovery Channel, and also the TV show Mega Movers on the History Channel.

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