Hefty load of pipes

Pipes and risers that were used in drilling campaigns by rigs like the West Orion, and stored at the Namport yard for more than nine months were finally moved for export in a marathon operation. Walvis Bay Stevedoring (WBS) negotiated the movement with the owners, Seadrill and took about six days to bundle the hefty pipes.

This large quantity of pipes and rises took up some 4,141.7m3 of yard space. Once everything was ready WBS went in to high gear to get the pipes and rises loaded as fast as possible onboard the vessel, MV Da Qing. WBS cut the estimated 48 hours loading time to 44 hours moving these heavy bundles weighing between 26 and 36 tonnes each!

WBS GM, Riaan Lottering said they provided the labour and a 55tonne mobile crane to pre-sling the pipes into bundles. “Making bundles speeds up the loading process. We also supplied the labour and ship crane drivers on the vessel to load the cargo. One of the challenges in this operation was the availability of extended abnormal trailers that could transport 36-60 tonne loads from the stacking area to the quayside next to the vessel. However we managed to complete the move without any hassles and within the expected time frame.”

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