Another record bunker for Monjasa

monjbunk0004Monjasa Namibia carried out another record bunker over the past two days. More than 4,100 metric tonnes or an equivalent of more than 5 million litres of fuel was provided to the drill-ship, Saipem, as the vessel was ready to depart from her stay in the Walvis Bay harbour.

“This is the biggest bunker we’ve done offshore to date,” said Nazeem Stuart of Monjasa Namibia. “It is a mind-boggling volume of fuel. Hopefully this successful high volume bunker is will attract other larger vessels and in turn more business for Monjasa.”

The Saipem had been laid-up at Walvis Bay for the past eight months after working in Angola. In this period WFS, OLS and Orca provided various services ranging from crew transfers, provisions (500 ton of water) and clearing and forwarding of cargo in and out. The Saipem 12000 is a Portuguese owned sixth generation ultra-deep drilling rig that can drill up to 10,660m and operate in operating in water depths of over 3,000 metres. Built in 2010 by Samsung, the vessel has a breadth of 228m, a draft of 12m and can easily accommodate up to 200 crew members.
Yesterday, Orca took some of the management team members to view the bunkering up close, and were lucky enough to be invited on board the Monjasa vessel, San Padro Pio to meet its captain and its officer of the watch (OOW) and view the bridge.

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