Chantel Burger appointed as new WFS Windhoek Branch Manager

chantel-opsChantel Burger is no stranger to Woker Freight Services, as she had worked for the company not too long ago. “I am happy to be back and excited about the challenges ahead. I’ve always loved the diversity of WFS and the group, the energy and soul of the company,” she said. Burger’s work experience threw her head first into the world of logistics and she gained vast experience in sea, road and air freight, ships agency, HR recruitment and coordinating logistics in the mining sector.

“I’ve worked in a variety of industries, where I learned so much about the intricacies of different logistics and related services. The highlight of my career is attaining the current position as Branch Manager for WFS. From managing one department and now being responsible for a diverse branch, is an important milestone,” she said. “There are many challenges that WFS Windhoek faces especially with the current economy slump. There are some developments in the country that are showing possible business leads.  We need to start looking outside the logistics box, identify and offer smarter logistics solutions to clients.”

“We have an open door policy and great coffee here at WFS! If you need to chat logistics, we are the ones!” she quipped.

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