Biggest Bunker

IMG-20160209-WA0006Monjasa Namibia recently carried out their biggest first onshore bunker to date supplying a whopping 1,8 million litres of MGO (Marine gas oil) to the seismic vessel, Polarcus Alima. Onshore bunkering entails supplying a vessel with fuel from the quay side via truck and pipeline.

According to Nazeem Stuart, bunker trader at Monjasa, the company is working on expanding its presence in the on-shore sector in Walvis Bay, as it is well-established in offshore bunkering. “We have made good progress in the last month to start growing the on-shore business by doing good volume bunkers through the pipeline within port. The bunker of Polarcus Alima has been the biggest in terms of volume so far since Monjasa has opened it doors in Namibia.”

Normal bunker volumes range between 100,000l to 400,000l via the pipeline. “Arranging this bunker was especially challenging because of the many parties involved,” said Stuart. “There are the vessel owners, the captain of the vessel, the trader that won the order, the local supplier, the vessel agent and the local joint bunker services that carry out the actual operation on behalf of the supplier. It’s a lot of people. You need to communicate with all these parties.”

With regard to the current market conditions and competition, Stuart said the local bunkering market is tight and highly competitive. “It is tough when it comes to pricing and one needs to fight to get a deal. The most important aspect of gaining a bunker is your rates, the relationship you have with customers and credit terms that you offer. The onshore bunker has taught us a few valuable lessons. Communication and constant feedback is vital. We don’t control the entire process so managing people and relationships in terms of third parties is critical in achieving the desired end result,” he added.


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