Orca set for Growth

Orca Marine Services has recently acquired another vessel to enhance its current service portfolio offering. The new vessel, christened Kaokoveld II and is a larger, second hand vessel that is able to carry heavier supplies and goods. Although slower than Orca’s other two launches, the Kaokoveld proved her worth in weight comfortably when she ferried her first load to the Namsov vessel, Venus II.

“Our first load was a mini container. With the Namsov job we transported about 64,000 cartons, a tonne of provisions and about 10 tonnes of technical ships supplies and equipment. The Kaokoveld handled the load quite comfortably,” said Jacques Vancayseele. Orca has also appointed some new crew members and have been setting up office in the Manica head office. “We are getting our structures in place, we’ve branded our vessels and have been working on an aggressive marketing campaign to gain more clients. There are some tough competitors in the market, and it is time for us to up the ante, if we want to see growth in our client base and profits,” he added.

“We are still trying to find a dedicated mooring sport, where our launches can be anchored. We have been moving around between various quays, but hopefully will be able to use the UFE quay as our base for a much longer period.”

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