More than just a Forklift!


Photo caption: and Allied Equipment in Walvis Bay. Left – right: Mario Polster (Rennies Consolidated), Patrick Kohlstaedt (Manica Group Namibia), Torsten Herrmann (Forklift and Allied Equipment) and Hargu Horn (Rennies Transport).

Rennies Consolidated has recently invested some N$2.4 million dollars in acquiring a brand new eco-friendly focussed Konecrane 16 tonne forklift truck. This new addition to its fleet of materials handling equipment is a state-of-the-art diesel machine with an extended mast of 4,5 meters and is set to increase Rennies’ productivity considerably.

“With its extended fork blades, lift capacity and power, we will be able to double the speed of lifting various types of cargo easily. This means improved efficiency in our operations, all of which translates to a more cost and time efficient service offering for our clients,” said Rennies Consolidated General Manager, Mario Polster.

The forklift is equipped with a load-sensing hydraulics system that adapts the lifting power to the weight of the cargo, and therefore the forklift provides maximum power on demand. In this way the truck consumes less power and fuel. This means reduced noise and emissions, while lifts are smoother and there is less wear and tear on the engine, gearbox and hydraulics. This particular machine is also equipped with special lighting on its mast, a feature no other forklift of this size can boast with in Walvis Bay.

16ton KonecraneLast year, Rennies acquired a similar bright blue Konecrane reach stacker, which has already proven itself and has added considerable value to Rennies’ storage and container handling operations. “To stay ahead of the game in our industry, you need to have the right people, assets and equipment. Rennies has made considerable investments in upgrading the skills of its staff through regular training, acquiring top of the range equipment as well as expanding its service offering with a dedicated transport wing,” added Polster.

The forklift was sourced through Forklift and Allied Equipment in Walvis Bay.

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