Oil in Bags

oil bagsLubrication Specialists has come up with yet another value-adding service to augment their lubricant sales. This service entails the provision of IPS installation stations. These stations (the black platform above right) make it easier to handle the new oil packaging concept simply known as Innovative Packaging System – in simpler terms – “oil in a bag”.

“This new way of packaging oil is aimed at making the transport and handling of bulk lubricants easier,” said the General Manager of Lubrication Specialists, Alwyn van der Merwe. He noted that this approach also allows for some cost saving. “It is a more effective and cheaper way of transporting lubricants. Each bag contains 900L of oil – much more than the normal drums. The bag and the outlets have also been designed in such a way that no spillages or contamination, such as dust or water, of the oil can take place,” he explained.

“We recently supplied four large IPS stations to a mining equipment supplier. These stations were the reason we secured a major contract with the supplier. The four stations are now in use at a mine.” The IPS (container) is a first for lubricants in Africa and is scientifically engineered to offer solutions to issues experienced with long distance transportation, turnkey installations, on site inventory management, contamination control and disposal. The bag is a one-way single use pack designed specifically for robust handling and product protection. It holds 900L of oil or 810kg of lubricating grease – about four drums’ worth of lubricant. As the bags are single-use, there is no return freight, cleaning or maintenance costs involved.

oil stationThe Lub Spec IPS stations consist of a platform and nozzle system similar to a fuel pump. The station also has a catchment area of about one and half the volume of a bag, and therefore no oil will go to waste if the bag were to be accidentally pierced or damaged. “We are producing a fifth IPS station with wheels. This will make the IPS stations mobile and easier to move to the desired location. It is a wonderful concept that sets Lub Spec a step ahead of the competition,” said Alwyn.

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