The Amphibian Namibian

gideon nasilowskiManica sponsored N$10,000 towards Gideon Nasilowski’s (aka the Amphibian Namibian) participation in the 2014 Pan Pacific Swimming Championships that took place in Pasadena, California recently. He broke four African swimming records at this event.

Gideon has been an inspiration for many in terms of his determination to succeed and to qualify for the next Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro. His journey started in 2008, when as an obese young man; Gideon began watching the Beijing Paralympics. His friends told him that he would never be able to attend the Paralympics himself.

By 2011, after intense training (and losing 55kg) Gideon competed in the CGA Championships, one of the biggest swimming competitions in Southern Africa. By 2012 Gideon achieved his Namibian colours and then became the first Paralympics swimmer in the history of Namibia.

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