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GM - Lubrication Specialists - Alwyn van der MerweApart from its commercial fishing sector and its reputation as import and export gateway, Walvis Bay is also known internationally for its commitment to protecting and conserving the environment. The fishing sector and cargo vessels calling on the port operate in environmentally sensitive areas. In the past few years a number of relatively small oil and diesel spillages have occurred from these vessels. Although these incidents were not intentional, they had the potential of upsetting the marine ecology.

Realising the danger of such spills and committed to protecting the environment, a local lubrication and oil supplier, Lubrication Specialists, incorporated a number of oil spill clean-up and bio-remedial products into their portfolio. “These products have been developed for use under stringent conditions on land and at sea, to clean up any and all types of oil spillages, contaminated soil or water sources. Even oil soaked concrete floors and interlocking bricks can be cleaned successfully with these products. We are more than willing to provide customers with technical advice and hands-on assistance oil clean-up operations,” explained newly appointed GM of Lubrication Specialists, Alwyn van der Merwe.

With its unique bio-remediation through the chemical break-down of hydro-carbon molecular structure of fuels and lubricants, the resulting residue after the treatment can easily be disposed safely through the normal municipal waste disposal processes. Some solid residues can even be used as fertilizer!

Lubrication Specialists supplies two accredited products for this purpose. These products were developed by the chemistry department of the University of Cape Town and put through grueling standards tests by the South African Council of Scientific and Industrial Research. The products are ISO 11014-1 certified.

“Apart from our commitment to protecting the environment, these products also form part of our drive to add value to our existing product portfolio. Although we supply Exxon Mobil lubricants and Easy Lube greasing technology, we go the extra mile by assisting our clients with the practical use and application of these products,” added Van der Merwe.

He explained that many clients and companies often buy lubricants and oils that may not be the right type or grade for their equipment or machinery. This often leads to costly equipment break downs. “We ensure that you get the right grade of lubricant best suited for the equipment. We will even carry out benchmarking tests and provide technical assistance free of charge on how best to use lubricants.”

Lubrication Specialists owns a third of the current oil and lubricant supply market in Namibia and has various distribution centres across the country. The company provides specialist greasing and lubrication services to the mining sector, marine, fishing, industrial and manufacturing industries.

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