A softer Night’s Rest

SONY DSC19 High quality spring mattresses brought warmth and smiles to a number of charities in Walvis Bay last week. The mattresses, valued at more than N$20,000, were donated by an oil rig to its ships’ agency service provider, Ocean Liner Services, a subsidiary company of Manica Group Namibia. In turn OLS availed the mattress to the Pandula Trust, a charity run and funded by the staff members of Manica, and who have been involved in a number of community upliftment projects including the weekly Friday Soup Kitchen in Kuisebmond, the 1,000 apples hand out project and paying school fees for children in need. When an urgent orthopaedic operation had to be performed on one of the children of the Walvis Bay Community Shelter the Manica staff members didn’t hesitate to assist and under the Pandula trust footed the N$5,820 medical bill.

The Pandula Trust also assisted a young athlete of the Sunshine Centre with the preparations and part of the expenses for her participation in the Special Olympics currently being held in Greece. A further N$11,000 was contributed to pay for one year’s occupational therapy for a child at the Walvis Bay Kids Haven. According to a Pandula Trust board member, Francis Angula, more than N$40,000 has been donated in the form of assistance and donations for June alone. “Most of these funds were contributed by staff members of Manica. We strongly believe that we can make a difference in improving the living conditions of our communities, albeit in any small way that we can.”

The mattresses were donated to the Round Table (ERPOW-New Life Foster Home), Social Service Church Trust, and the charity group “Huis van Brood” to distribute to those in need in the community.

In the wake of increased work-environment safety, Namport also issued a notice recently making hard hats and safety reflector jackets compulsory for all port users at all quaysides and terminals.

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