Safety – of Critical Importance

diana“We learned a lot and we were also proven wrong about things we thought we knew. The course brilliantly combined the study material with real life experiences, making it believable, easy to learn and underscored the importance of having first aid skills. You never know when you have to save a life,” said Diana Silver, one of the 18 Manica Group Namibia staff members who recently completed a First Aid Training course by Save Med. She scored 100% in the intense four-day course comprising situation assessment, cardio-pulmonary resuscitation, bandaging and splinting, wounds and bleeding, monitoring vital signs, basic medical emergency management, spinal injuries, environmental injuries and HIV / AIDS.

Handing over the certificates, the Managing Director of Manica, Pieter Greeff, commended the staff members for their participation and emphasised the need for safety in all operations. “It is of critical importance that all staff members and by extension port users are constantly aware of safety issues and the possible risk elements of this industry. Manica boasts with a very low accident rate in its operations, due to the safety awareness and diligence of its personnel. With this round of first aid training we have also equipped staff members that are usually office-bound with the necessary skills to respond to incidents that require basic first aid assistance.”

In the wake of increased work-environment safety, Namport also issued a notice recently making hard hats and safety reflector jackets compulsory for all port users at all quaysides and terminals.

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