Walvis Bay Stevedoring

Walvis Bay Stevedoring is Namibia’s premier cargo handling company operating in the Ports of Walvis Bay and Luderitz. With its head-office in port, WBS has more than 90 years experience in loading and discharging all types of cargo from and to vessels. With a team of highly skilled stevedores, modern equipment and a zero-tolerance attitude towards safety, WBS is able to ensure higher productivity, safety and shorter vessel turnaround time!

WBS handles all types of cargo that move through the Namibian ports and is experienced in operating on all types of vessels handling and provides stevedoring services for abnormal and project cargo,  heavy lifts and general cargo,  bulk cargo, containers, perishable cargo (i.e fish etc) and hazardous cargo (uranium).

WBS also specialises in stuffing and de-stuffing of containers, loading of provisions, lashing of all cargo, tally, winchmen and surveying services. It's equipment rental entails providing a 50t Crane, forklifts, a goose-neck, grabs, grain hoppers, frontend loaders, air compressor and lime wash pot for lime washing of vessels, grommet lifting wires, container and bulk bag spreaders, lifting beams and belts, shackles, container ramps for forklifts and various smaller gear such as lifting wire, fish tray’s, cargo nets, nylon lifting belts, drum hooks, lifting chains for granite and general cargo (4-25 ton) and heavy lifting hooks (50-80 ton).


  • Cargo loading, off-loading, stacking, containerisation and destuffing from any vessel to quay.
  • All types of cargo - containerised, break-bulk, bagged, pallets, project cargo etc.
  • Cargo security, storage, handling and bagging of bulk cargo.
  • Equipment rental (forklifts, crane, goose-neck, hopper) + operators.
  • Cargo handling services for containers, general cargo, bulk commodities, project cargo.