Macs Lines

Manica is the appointed agent for MACS and GAL shipping lines in Namibia.

Macs Shipping is your link between Southern Africa, Europe and North America. Macs was founded in 1970 and today provides shipping and transport services worldwide. The main Macs activity is the multipurpose liner service between the United Kingdom, Europe and Southern Africa. The Macs service is well known for its reliable and flexible operation.

The liner’s ability to combine containers, project cargo, heavy lifts, general cargo, dry and liquid bulk makes Macs a successful shipping line.

GAL sails straight from Southern Africa to the US Gulf and vice versa without any stopovers and avoid the risk of goods being stranded on the wrong side of the Atlantic. Its multipurpose vessels sail every three weeks and carry containers, bulk and break bulk cargo. GAL focuses on just one thing - getting goods to and from the US Gulf/Southern Africa reliably and quickly.